[Film review] Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

[This is a Korean movie with no Oppa, Unnie or Molla…]


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

That’s it. That’s life. It is a cycle and it can’t change. People run around it, 1 round – 360o , 2 rounds – 720 o , and then 3 rounds, 4 rounds… Human can’t change, either. They just grow and become. They grow mature and they become wise, they grow old and they become weak. And when they pass away, a new one is born and run his first round.

On the way, you may fall at your 5th round, others don’t. So what? It’s very likely that the stone will hold them back at the next round. What the film implies is that: don’t try to protect them against the obstacle, because in a tight cycle, there’s no room to hide – the only way to run ahead is to fight through the stone. The monk in this movie never shouted at the young boy when he saw him make sins. He never taught him what to do and how to do it. The dead fish did. The bloody snake did. The near-to-death frog did. We are now living in this world being taught. We die at 60. Teachers teach us until 18, lecturers teach us until 22, bosses teach us until we resign, but until we die it’s very likely that we don’t know what we’ve got from them. The fact is that, no schools nor teachers can teach you. No one, except an older you, a more experienced you can do that. It takes time, of course, but who can become if they don’t grow? So, just “don’t let schooling interfere your education” – Albert Einstein.


There was very little talk in the movie although it lasts for nearly 2 hours. In this kind of film, power doesn’t come from words. Its message is conveyed via actors’ acting, and they did a good job, from the youngest kid to the oldest one. The director failed to give them a name. But he didn’t need to, coz they are who we are.

With all that content, the view with a temple standing still on the water surface, in the arms of green mountains and being adorned with blossomed flowers must be a perfect hard cover to complete a beautiful book.