[Film review] World war Z

Image                                                                                                              The movie’s poster has made a big impression on me. The 1st time I saw it, I wondered where on Earth could this kind of thing just happen? No stars show their face on the poster. There are only 2 valuable words “Brad Pitt” on the top, which raised my curiousness: “Is Brad on the plane? Once it escapes from the Zombie, what can he do to stop the war?”

The Z can only be stopped if shot through the head. This is a general rule for wiping out Zombies. But when it comes to kind of world war, will it work if people go around to shoot at every zombie’s head? It reminds me of a movie I’ve seen recently R.I.P.D telling about an panic incident when something goes wrong and dead people from all over the world are sent back to the Earth. But unlike RIPD and other movies where there is bad guys to struggle with, there is no proper foe in WWZ and all you can do is to keep yourself and other people safe from injection, then kill all the zombies. [I wish I could replace the word “kill” by “cure” but you know, zombies can never turn back to human]

The movie is smashing  – every event takes place in succession and for a reason. Although it’s made in style of a horror film, I’m still under the impression of an anthem with very strong and mighty harmony. Brad’s acting was just live up to his fan’s expectation: imperturbable, moderate, and very well controlled. However, though the whole film is terrific, it is little details that really touch my heart. When Gerry’s daughter suffer from asthma on their way moving the New Jersey, Gerry, as a father, holds her face in two hands and reassure: “Look at me sweetheart! Look at me! Take a deep breath, c’mon that’s right, deep breath!” *kind of that* And his wife quickly moves to the front seat and take the drive. There’s some time when the role of the man and the woman can be exchanged to do the best for their children. One more, when a zombie manages to bite Gerry at his arm [at that time the Lanes is about to get in the helicopter], he rushes off to the edge of the building, be willing to jump down in case he “alters”. No one can control themselves all the time, but even in case they’re in danger and unable to do the best for their children any more, they’ll manage to keep their children safe even by killing themselves.

Of all such a good film, the ending disappoints me a little bit. I don’t understand why people from aircrafts throw kind of virus vaccine down, then poor victims who seem to have been waiting for the vaccine for hundred years rush off and try to inject it into their body. It’s virus, innit?? How can they survive the vaccine if there are no doctors there to instruct them?

Anyway, WWZ is still a must-see in general.

Image And here’s the poster version UK, but I still prefer the former.


[Film review] Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

[This is a Korean movie with no Oppa, Unnie or Molla…]


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

That’s it. That’s life. It is a cycle and it can’t change. People run around it, 1 round – 360o , 2 rounds – 720 o , and then 3 rounds, 4 rounds… Human can’t change, either. They just grow and become. They grow mature and they become wise, they grow old and they become weak. And when they pass away, a new one is born and run his first round.

On the way, you may fall at your 5th round, others don’t. So what? It’s very likely that the stone will hold them back at the next round. What the film implies is that: don’t try to protect them against the obstacle, because in a tight cycle, there’s no room to hide – the only way to run ahead is to fight through the stone. The monk in this movie never shouted at the young boy when he saw him make sins. He never taught him what to do and how to do it. The dead fish did. The bloody snake did. The near-to-death frog did. We are now living in this world being taught. We die at 60. Teachers teach us until 18, lecturers teach us until 22, bosses teach us until we resign, but until we die it’s very likely that we don’t know what we’ve got from them. The fact is that, no schools nor teachers can teach you. No one, except an older you, a more experienced you can do that. It takes time, of course, but who can become if they don’t grow? So, just “don’t let schooling interfere your education” – Albert Einstein.


There was very little talk in the movie although it lasts for nearly 2 hours. In this kind of film, power doesn’t come from words. Its message is conveyed via actors’ acting, and they did a good job, from the youngest kid to the oldest one. The director failed to give them a name. But he didn’t need to, coz they are who we are.

With all that content, the view with a temple standing still on the water surface, in the arms of green mountains and being adorned with blossomed flowers must be a perfect hard cover to complete a beautiful book.