How I missed spectacular moments in life [1]

I bought a DSLR 2 years ago. At that time, I thought I could use the camera to capture breath-taking moments in life. You know, time flees, memory fades, and one day, all left are photos *kind of*

Then what I learned from that 2 years is that, I can never be quick enough to capture whatever I happen to see. I may be busy driving, or the scenes may be already over when I manage to set up the camera, blah blah.

In the end, I’ve come to conclusion now that I will not rely on DSLR or cellphone or any digital devices any more. I’d better use my own brain to take charge.


Two kids were wandering on the vender when I was waiting for my Mom buying some food. They were around 5. And they had a job, which is selling lottery tickets.

At the time I looked at them, it seemed that they were having a break, cause they didn’t asked me (or any one else) to buy anything. They didn’t even notice us people. All in their world then was the story they were talking about. The girl was telling some jokes and her younger brother poked her as a reply. Then he said something in return and the girl busrt out laughing.

The girl was dressing in pink, a small pink skirt. She wore skirt even she just went out to sell lottery.

She was so happy.

The boy was wearing a white snapback. He wore it back to front. Even he just went out to sell lottery.

He was so happy.

They went out selling lottery together.

They were so happy. And just so cute!

2014, December