If that’s the only thing I can do

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"What would you choose if you were allowed to keep only one thing by your side?"

“What would you choose if you were allowed to keep only one thing by your side?”

I am  never  aware that writing has been playing such a big role in my life until this morning, when I watch a TV talkshow and the MC raised a topic question: “What would you choose if you were allowed to keep only one thing by your side?”

“A pen and a notebook” – I answered right away in my mind. Ok ok, if she insists on one thing only, then let me buy a notebook with a pen attached.

It’s impossible to remember my loving writing in my student time. I was a literature hater, to tell the truth, even though I took it as one of the three subjects in my entrance exam to university. When I attended university, my major had nothing to do with literature, which gave me a “phew” because I thought I could get rid of that nightmare then. But to my surprise, things changed – I turned out to love writing, and I have to say thanks to this change because of the following reasons.

Firstly, writing healed me up. University life is far different from high school life – people keep saying about this, but I never imagined it would be that shocking. At 18, the first time I’ve felt scared of people and shut myself from the society. I started to direct my thoughts towards the inner space and sometimes wrote them down as a way of relaxing. When I wrote more, I also read more. From Dalai Lama to Pham Lu An, from marandangels to brainyquotes; each book, each article or even each sentence was like water in the story of the cracked bucket* – water cleaned the dust though people didn’t see it working. When I read something beautiful, I felt motivated to write about it, and these writings inspired somebody else forwards. They gave me good comments, and we shared good things together. That repeated every day without my realizing that I was getting engaged back with the society. Again, to my surprise, things changed. Writing should strongly be regarded as a therapy for its healing competence.

I take writing as an important part of my life also because it raises my performance. Today more and more jobs require good writing skill in their description, even jobs with little relation to literature. Many of my friends are afraid of that because they have no interest in writing. I just say “You miss the best part of your life, dude”. Now that writing is not about trying to choose the “right thing” to talk about a book for high score in return, I have a feeling that I’m freeing my mind through words and willing to write anytime. A marketing plan for the upcoming prom happens to jump out right at midnight – I wake up and write it down. A breath-taking scene appears in front of me but there’s no digital device to capture it – I sit down and draw a picture of it, by the stream of words flowing from my mind. Sometimes even an idea pops up while I’m doing stuff in the restroom – just simply take out a pen to do what I’m supposed to do. Can’t say how I love my life since I love writing.

Modern-day writing has changed its definition. It goes beyond the idea of a notebook and a pen since most writings today are typed with a laptop. However, its nature always stays the same – to write is to fly in a sky full of words. Turning back to the question raised in the TV show, when I say I want to keep a notebook and a pen, I mean I wish to write if that’s the only thing I can do.


* Read more about the cracked bucket story at http://yannyblessing.blogspot.com/2009/11/cracked-bucket.html