By the time

At the time of that chance

When She first saw you shaking hands

With some girl (she must be your fan)

I knew it for sure

“She’s done” – Oh, how poor..


At the time of that first scene

When the clock stopped for your acting

When her heart was hardly beating

I looked at that

And knew it for sure

“Damn! She’s done” – how poor


I also know that

You’ll never know what

Happen to a girl

Nor what She can do

When her mind is blur

And her heart is blue


You will never know

For her to reach you

She dares to get through

All tough on the road


You will never know

She’s got every photos

On which there is you

The K of her own

The reason of her sorrow




By the time you know

(By the chance you know)

She may have gone old

Her steps may be slow

Or in case things go

Not like you’ve supposed

How to make you know

She’ll still love you so.

Sleep well, KSH!

Sleep well, KSH!


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